White Water Kayak School on Soca River – Bovec

Advanced kayaking in Soča Valley

from €67/person
3 Hours Max 4 1 - 5 Days

Whitewater King kayak courses

Advanced kayak school Class III-IV in Bovec

This 2- to 5-day advanced kayak course on the best rivers of Soča Valley is designed to teach you how to paddle serious whitewater of Class III-IV and is concentrated on advanced whitewater skills.

The program is designed to give you the confidence to run different styles of whitewater, whether it’s big volume, technical or steady rapids. The best way to get used to the Alpine style of river running is by …running it!

Before taking this kayak course you should

Completed our Improvers course or kayak Class III rivers at least 5 times in the past.

Be comfortable on Class III whitewater.

Know how to ferry glide, break-in & break-out on Class II whitewater.

Perform all basic strokes confidently.

Paddle straight & know how to roll on whitewater.

Be able to safely self-rescue on Class III whitewater.

Kayak course prices

The price depends on the number of kayak school participants, departure date & course length. Equipment rent and river pass are not included. Soča river pass (daily/weekly) can be purchased apart. The prices in the chart are shown for a group of 4 people.

2 Day Course
  • Experienced & Licensed Instructor
  • Introduction Class
  • Video Analysis
  • Snacks, Drinks
  • Photos
  • Nice gift
  • Return Shuttle
3 Day Course
  • Experienced & Licensed Instructor
  • Introduction Class
  • Video Analysis
  • Snacks, Drinks
  • Photos
  • Nice Gift
  • Return Shuttle
5 Day Course
  • Experienced & Licensed Instructor
  • Introduction Class
  • Video Analysis
  • Snacks, Drinks
  • Photos
  • Nice Gift
  • Return Shuttle

Advanced kayak school program

We believe that consecutive days in a kayak makes for better knowledge retention. See what you'll learn and work on our Advanced kayak course here in Bovec.

You'll be refining your maneuvering skills
Leaning & turning in whitewater
Scouting & river hazards
Reading difficult whitewater
Gaining confidence in breaking in & out of the current
Ferry glides & playing on Class III waves & holes
Rolling in whitewater
Paddling aggressively in powerful current
Hopping & catching the micro-eddies
Understanding & working with momentum
River rescue - self & others
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Ice is melting, learn to kayak.

Advanced kayak course runs from April to October. All tours depart from Bovec. Morning activities usually start at 9 am, afternoon at 2pm. Five-day course takes places every week from Monday to Friday. Two- and three-day weekend course takes place every week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On request, extra days are possible. Advanced booking is strongly recommended.

“Great kayak experience for everyone! Fun, personal and very professional at the same time! Dejan is very nice, caring and professional. The equipment is brand new. And the place is just amazing! I would definitely recommend it to everyone who wants an unforgettable experience and I really hope to have a chance to go paddling again soon!”
“I would recommend DK Sport to everyone who wants to rise his skills or just to learn paddling because of excellent quality of instructions, practice run and mistake analysis. Service beyond description - fantastic!”
advanced kayak course on soca river bovec
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Whitewater kayaking in Soča Valley

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