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After the degree and a couple of years working as a sports instructor, I decided to start my own business with just one thing in my mind – the quality instructions. My first instructions were: personal trainer, kayak and ski instructor. With no money for the promotion I was mostly running after it elsewhere. That's why I was moving from one place to another, from season to season, working for many companies around the world as an instructor and I didn't devote myself to develop my own business. In between seasons, I was usually traveling around the world exploring cultures, people and the beauty of the nature. As I grew older, enriched by many experiences and with the support of my clients convincing me in success, I've decided to restart the company again with the same idea in my mind - the quality instructions. Dejan Kavs, Founder & One of the Team


Because we have a higher standard.

Our family-owned small company is composed of outdoor sports instructors, sport junkies, passionate adventurers and professional leaders who have been working all over the world in different environments, companies, cultures and with a wide range of guests. In between the seasons we are enjoying sports on our own and searching new trails on bikes, cutting virgin lines in a deep powder from the top of the mountains on skis, and exploring new rapids in kayaks. In short – having fun. What matters the most is that we love the job we are doing and we want to share this passion for sports to our clients. That’s why we have a large majority of returning guests and we love to see them coming back again and again.

This Is Us.

Dejan Kavs

Kayak, MTB, Ski Instructor & Guide
female Kayak Guide on Soča river from dksport in Bovec Slovenia

Anka Madon

All Over the Place

Dejan Sedej

Kayak, Ski Instructor & Guide

Janez Čižman

Kayak Instructor & Guide

Peter Novak

MTB Instructor & Guide

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