Soča River Kayak Map / Soca Kajak Karte – Slovenia

Soča river kayaking map, Bovec (Slovenia)

Kayaking in the Soča Valley is possible on certain river sections and even on near by lakes. Endless possibilities of whitewater kayaking fun makes Soča Valley a perfect place either for a family holiday with kids or a adventure travelers get-a-away.


As you can see on the map, the Soča river has various levels of difficulty which makes it perfect for beginner and advanced kayakers wanting to get the most out of it.  The most popular kayaking section stretches from Lepena in upper Trenta Valley, passing the small town Čezsoča near Bovec and all the way down to Kobarid. Kayakers can enjoy paddling all levels of difficulty, from easy G1 to playful G5 level.

Check out this whitewater kayaking Soča Valley guide, where you’ll get all basic Soča and Koritnica river notes.

Velika Korita, Lepena

Velika Korita Kayak G1 Trenta Valley, Slovenia

Bunkerji to Kršovec

Golobar & Zmuklica


Sotočje, Soča & Koritnica


Boka & Log Čezsoški

Srpenica 1

Srpenica 2

Trnovo 1

Trnovo 2


Advanced kayaking on Soča - Otona section in Kobarid, Slovenia

Napoleonov Most

Soča Kayaking under Napoleon Bridge near Kamp Koren in Kobarid, Slovenia


For a more relaxing experience we suggest you to go on a kayaking trip on Most na Soči and paddle through the confluence of Soča and Idrijca rivers. The lake of Most na Soči is a perfect environment for an full-day recreational kayak trip on flat and calm waters surrounded by stunning nature, that can be enjoyed by everyone.

guided kayak trip around idrijca gorge in slovenia


The Predil lake (or Raibl lake) is located few kilometres far from Tarvisio, in an ancient glacial basin. The water is clear and cold, of an intense green-blue colour. Surrounded by high mountain peaks makes it a magical destination for your dream kayaking trip, followed by a picnic in unspoiled nature.

tailored kayak trip on lake pride


Then, check out how to get to Soča Valley. The best way to discover the hidden corners of this jaw-dropping region is by kayaking Soča river or by riding a MTB on one of the best Slovenia mountain bike trails. Visit us, let us guide you through this magical land and experience more than just a vacation in Slovenia.

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