Zakaj je Reka Soča Smaragdne Barve?

Tailor kayak trip to your wishes in bovec slovenia kayaking paradise
Visit Velika Korita in Lepena Valley near Bovec, Slovenia.
The emerald green color of Soča is unbelievable.

If you don’t consider the Soča river in Slovenia as the most beautiful river on this planet you probably haven’t seen it yet.

Is it nicknamed the “Emerald Beauty” and its second name is more than deserved. Many wanderers and visitors are amazed and blown away by its color, as it is hard to believe its not photoshopped by nature itself. Its colors are really unbelievable and they change through seasons. Sometimes Emerald, sometimes aquamarine – but never boring.

If I was a poet, I would write a love poem to Soča. Or an ode. 

Oh wait, some already did that. Simon Gregorčič’s poem To the river Soča is without doubt his most famous song. In Slovenian poetry is difficult to find a similar masterpiece. For those who would like to mumble and sing along, listen to Iztok Mlakar’s song Soča, Slovenia’s best singer-songwritter.


From what I’ve read, the color comes from small particles of bedrock suspended in the water aka the rock flour, which reflect more of green and blue when hit by the light. Since the Dolina Soče region is mainly from limestone and marl deposits, the colors remains almost the same for the whole length. Although mountain lakes and rivers are frequently seen from the same color, Soča river is special. The interesting part is that it retains the color from a very very long time, through all its length from its source in the Trenta Valley to its end in the Adriatic Sea in Italy – River Soča Mouth Reserve.

beginner kayak soca river easy beginner section
The amazing color of the Soča river makes kayaking on Soča simply magical.
family playing games on kayak school in bovec
Playing and splashing during the family kayak course on the Soča river.
easy mtb trail next to soča in bovec slovenia
Biking next to the Soča river on one of our Easy Mountain biking tours around Bovec.

You are splendid, limpid daughter of the heights,
You are graceful in your natural beauty,
When your transparent depths
Are not disturbed by the
Wrath of darksome storms,
You are splendid, limpid daughter of the heights!

First lines from the poem Soči by Simon Gregorčič


Then, check out how to get to Soča Valley. The best way to discover the hidden corners of this jaw-dropping region is by kayaking Soča river or by riding a MTB on one of the best Slovenia mountain bike trails. Visit us, let us guide you through this magical land and experience more than just a vacation in Slovenia.

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